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New Natural Palm Free Soap in slim 100g bars available now for wholesale for more info email us

Natural Soap
Heaven Scent Palm Free Soap
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Organic Soap 

Pure natural soap made with the finest natural ingredients free from detergents, SLS, sulphates, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones synthetic preservatives.

We use fragrances that are Essential Oils only or high quality Fragrance Oils which contain gentle synthetic ingredients combined with natural ingredients.

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Natural Shampoo Bars 

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Why use our Shampoo Solid Bar?

Our bars contain little or no preservatives and pure ingredients like coconut oil, vegetable derived ingredients and essential oils. We sell bars for oily, dry and sensitive skin & hair types. 

They are very mild with a p.h of 6.5 suitable for very sensitive skin.  

The bars last much longer than your normal shampoo in a bottle and they are plastic free. 

The bars can last a long time depending how you use and store them.  They require a little water to start lathering,  and should not be left under running water.  When you have finished using a bar,  leave it in a dry place.

They are better for the environment 

The bars are kinder to the environment as we use biodegradable ingredients and there is no need to use plastic at all!

We make 8 different bar formulas for all sorts of hair types.  The ingredients have amazing benefits.  We will be offering a sample range of all 8 bars so you can try them and work out which one works best with your hair.


Bespoke Soap

We are a British Soap Manufacturer.

We will make soap for you,  emboss and stamp it with your Logo.  The minimum order is 250 bars of soap per fragrance. 

For more info email us at 

Heaven Scent Shampoo Bar