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British made bespoke handcrafted products is what Heaven Scent delivers to its customers.

I attended a talk at Spring Fair NEC a couple of years ago given by Mary Portas, a personal favourite of mine in terms of common sense advice given to the high street. Her audience was mainly independent shop owners experiencing the ever changing face of the high street. Her message to these shops was, sell your customer an 'experience', by this she meant, 'every product on sale should have a story about how that gift item was created and crafted'.

More and more the customer wants to buy handcrafted or Bristish designed gifts that have a story and ideally an ethical story, I believe this is a backlash to Chinese Manufactured mass production, environmental issues and the competition of on-line shops. Shop owners should be proud of their products which then can be communicated to the customer, who will in turn have a sense of pride in the product they have bought and will return to buy the quality item again and again.

Heaven Scent has for years understood the importance of Mary Portas's message and has championed hand crafted, ethically made, local products with a story!!!

Heaven Scent works with customers to design their packaging and label choices, we now offer so many candle ranges, that customers are able to place an order that is so unique to them. Not only are we able to design a label to suit each individual business, we also help a businesses select frangrances from our library of scents and choose a vessel that suits the look of their business. No two candle orders look the same. Ofcourse this creates alot of work for us to do, but at the end of the day it is a joy and we believe it is helping businesses be part of the creation process which then translates to their customers who enjoy buying Bristish bespoke handcrafted products.

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