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Preparing for Christmas

As we know Candle Making is the second oldest profession! and the word 'Artisan' is a widely used term to describe some small home grown businesses using handcrafted skills. Artisan is a great word conjouring up images of skills from times gone by, being redescovered and used to create products for consumers who are tired of mass produced items made in a large factories abroad. Heaven Scent is very much an Artisan Company, based in the Countryside in Wiltshire a family business started in 1993, they have a team of highly skilled candle makers, who blend fragrances with their uinque blend of plant waxes everyday. Stepping into their factory at this time year, can be like walking into a Christmas Grotto. The smells being blended currently are spicy orange, cloves, cinnamon and mulled pear' an overload of Christmas in many jars, but it touches me to know that each candle will be burned in a ritualistic way in someone's home over the Christmas period adding to the magic and joy of of the festivities.

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