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When you next buy a candle have a look at the wick!

Obviously being in the candle business we are aware of the different types of wicks that should be used in different candle vessels, but being out and about last week, looking at other beautiful candles available in the shops I wondered "Are the customer aware that having the right candle wick affects greatly how a candle burns"? I was away last week in Cornwall. I wasn't wearing my candle hat, I was just browsing and enjoying the shops, then I began to pick up a few candles that looked really beautiful on the shelves and smelt devine, but when I took a look at the candle itself, most, not all, had the wrong wick. Usually a large chunky wick in a normal drinking glass size candle. Well this would mean that the candle would burn down too fast, causing smokiness and uneveness (if that is a word) as it burns and sometimes creating a dull flame. If you are shop "that is fine!" you may think, well the feedback we always get from our shops is that their customers repeat buy Heaven Scent Candles, because they burn so well! Well they should do, over 24 years our candles have been tried and tested.

We use different sized cotton wicks for each size vessel, so that they burn slowly, create less smoke and burn evenly. Take a look when you next get an order and then compare it to a candle that you will see out and about or that you sell as well. If a repeat buy doesn't matter to you then the size and type of wick will not make a difference, but it will be pleasing to see a shopper come back again and again because they loved your candle so much.

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